Airlines and General Tips and Travel Stories18 Feb 2011 02:33 pm

Travel etiquette can always be an issue.  Parade Magazine recently had an interesting read involving travel on planes and a few common sense rules to follow for passangers.  As the article points out, since the airlines are only interested in making flying less comfortable, it is up to us to band together to make sure flying at least remains civil!

Enjoy the read here.

Points Are Points (Frequent Traveler)08 Feb 2011 01:53 pm

As I’ve said before, there are web sites for everything. Here is a frequent flier web site with lots of useful links and information.

TIP: go to

Business Travel and Hotels19 Aug 2010 11:22 am

Here is a link to an interesting article I read today in Corp! Magazine.  The author offers some different ideas from a “Feng Shui” type of viewpoint.  Don’t forget my other sleeping tip for hotels.  It kind of ties in to some of these ideas.  Enjoy the article and let me know your opinions.

Link: Increase Your Chances for a Better Business Trip

Business Travel and Points Are Points (Frequent Traveler) and Travel Stories18 May 2010 12:51 pm

There was a good/interesting article on CNN today from contributing columnist Christopher Elliott.  Christopher is the ombudsman for National Geographic Magazine.  He points out some interesting conflicts with traveler programs and if they are really as good as they seem to be.  It was worth the quick read.

Click Here:  Confessions of a frequent-flier Program Skeptic

Points Are Points (Frequent Traveler) and Travel Stories30 Nov 2009 12:59 pm

Some people are very dedicated to the frequent flier mentality.  This story is about 10 years old, but if you haven’t read about it then it’s well worth the quick read.  Basically, in 1999 one man crunched some numbers and realized a Healthy Choice offer for award miles was too good to pass up.  Despite this story being old, I wanted to pass it along since I hadn’t heard about it before.  Enjoy!

This guy is a hero of the travel world.  Great job.  Here’s the link:

Free air travel with pudding

Europe04 Mar 2009 05:08 pm

Visiting Europe and want to see some of those wonderful castles? Friends of ours recently took a three year assignment in Europe and went on a driving trip in France visiting a number of castles. Thanks Doug & Julie. TIP: go to this web site

Business Travel and Hotels and International Travel03 Mar 2009 12:18 pm

While many of the big name hotel chains have gone smoke free, frequent business travelers can’t always stay in these chains and, internationally, are hard to find. Here is a web site to help you find those smoke free hotels. TIP: go to

Airlines and Business Travel and International Airline Travel and International Travel and Trip Planning26 Jan 2009 10:04 am

Traveling over seas and want a site that specializes in International flight planning? I found as much as a $2000 saving on a Business Class ticket to Rome. They also have a 3D seating chart. TIP: go to

Financial Matters and Trip Planning23 Jan 2009 08:22 am

When this next site provides you with a fare quote, it gives you a forecast indicator arrow. Green means the fare will likely be going up, so buy it now. A red arrow means to wait as it will likely be going down. My son tried out this page for a recent trip, but found that both airports he was using (Grand Rapids, MI and Tampa, FL) were not part of the system, so he couldn’t get any rate forecast information.  So, I’m guessing this will only forecast for very large airports.  However, there is a feature to request future forecasting for your airport if it isn’t already supported.  Again, I haven’t tried it personally, but just thought I’d pass it along. TIP: Try

Airlines and Financial Matters and Trip Planning21 Jan 2009 05:03 pm

Here is an airline booking site that finds you the best flights and tracks the price and notifies you when the price drops. They claim you can get refunds if the fare drops even after you buy the ticket. I haven’t tried it so if someone out there can post a comment we would appreciate it. TIP: Try

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